• The TracTurn stands for turning and side movement of the material.

• No matter if triangular, trapezoid windrows or table pile, the Trac Turn can handle every compost windrow up to a height
  of 2.3 m.

• The width of the compost windrow is irrelevant.

• During one run the Trac Turn turns up to 3.7 m of the compost windrow.

• If the compost windrow is wider more runs are necessary.

• The Trac Turn was developed within the last ten years of practical use. Its practical feasibility was consistently improved and
  confirmed on numerous plants.

• For a turning performance of 1500 m³/h the TracTurn requires an input power of ~ 200 kW.

• You need a tractor with enough weight and a reverse drive adaption. If the TracTurn is used on several plants, the tractor can
  be used for transportation as well.

• The TracTurn provides the possibility to work without alleys and therefore, sets new standards for space economy to optimise
  the performance and therefore to optimise your benefit.